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1. How to add channels to favorite & list only favorite?

 Watch this video, best if you are tired of navigating through IPTV channels. Search for your favorite movies too

2. How to I check validity of my account?

Please navigate to account section of your IPTV box and check your validity. Some services give expiry announcement 4 days ahead. Some TV stations take away last 1 day of subscription if not renewed 36 hours before expiry.

3. I got a MAG wireless box, how do I pair it to my Internet?

This video will take you through the connection process.

4. How to I check receipt of my renewal payment ? What is the recharge policy ?

When a renewal payment is received, validity days are added and confirmation email is send to you. Customers are advised to update their email ids if there is a change. Payments are manually processed (renewals are done nightly) and you will stop getting renewal reminders once payment is processed. Send in your payments 36 hours before expiry to avoid disconnection or add $3 extra for quick recharge (renewal in 3 hours). Parking your connection for few day or months during vacation is free of cost.

5. I am a new subscriber. What are the features of IPTV in MAG(Infomir) boxes?

Please watch this video. This shows all the features like Live TV & Videoclub explained

6. How to change my existing TV station / portal URL ?

MAG box users click to see a tutorial Video. Android box user click to see a tutorial video.

7. Can I pay my subscription in advance? How often can I change my TV station ?

When you begin a subscription, you are paid up for the next 30 days. You can pay a TV station for 3, 6 or 12 months. IP TV stations has a risk of going off the air without notice, so month to month payment is recommended to avoid losing your money during blackout. Month to month payers can request for a change in TV station every 30 days. It is best to ask for a change when subscription expiry email reaches you.

8. I am new subscriber, how do I do an Interact e-transfer ?

Please watch this video tutorial. Once you understand this, send e-transfer to info@royalcomputercare.com and keep your phone number as password.

9. How do I watch catch up TV in standard IPTV box?

Please watch this video tutorial to see how to see catch up of your favorite channels

10. My Mag box is slow in streaming video?

Please make sure that you have 8 Mbps or above when you run a speed test at http://www.speedtest.net. Wireless Mag254 box users take a smartphone near the iptv box and hit the above link to test it.

11. My IPTV works except for a one important channel which I watch?

IPTV services are provided as a fixed package, no channels can be added extra. If one channel is not working, and is important to you please request us to find an IPTV service which give stable service for that channel. Combination of services and multiple subscription may be needed.

12. I forgot the parental control password. What should I do?

Please contact us, we will reset it for you, or remove the adult channels. Watch this video on how to change your standard parental control password.

13. What is your return policy?

All MAG boxes can returned within 14 days of purchase. Monthly subscription is not refundable. Repacking fees may apply according to the condition of items returned.

14. TV shows 'connection problem' message or takes too much time to restart or some channels are stuck. What do i do?

IPTV is a shared service, so when special events occur our viewer count goes high and unexpected behaviors are shown by our streaming system. These behaviours gets corrected in 24 hours. Please note that IPTV is a cheaper substitute to regular cable TV service and not equivalent to regular cable TV service. For high availability we recommend subscription to 2 TV stations.

15. Do you have any printable user guide for IPTV ?

MAG box users can print or download this first time user guide. Click here to download.

16. How to search a movie in Videoclub ?

Click this youtube video which shows to do search